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"How It Feels" - Lily Donat | Review

Lily Donat brings her ethereal voice to her newest track "How It Feels".

"How It Feels" feels like a discovery of one's inner strength. It feels very self aware yet soothing. She shares and questions her experience and keeps moving through it. This song feels so reflective of life and is so eloquent in describing the rollercoaster of emotions we go through in our life. ""How It Feels" is full of hope, possibility, and optimism.

The track celebrates the beauty in everyday life, in seeing the good after you once thought such an outlook was impossible. A shift to a folkier sound, "How It Feels" conveys Lily's talent for writing with raw emotion and beautiful melodies. The track was produced by frequent collaborator Stefan Mac, known for his production for SALES, Wallows, No Vacation, Young the Giant, and many, many more.

“How It Feels” is a whimsical and victorious song written and sung by Lily Donat. The song outlines feelings of hope brought on by day to day beauty, and the idea that such feelings of uplift can only signify a deeper level of freedom from things that once felt inescapable and permanent. Produced by Stefan Man, “How It Feels” is a shining, folk-pop anthem that promises the best revenge is peace.

Lily Donat is a Los Angeles native and long-time songwriter. At age 11, Lily learned to play acoustic guitar and began composing songs instantly. She has always found healing through writing and singing music about her real life. Laden with symbols, images of nature, personal narrative, themes of darkness and hope, her songs are the pages of her diary she’s willing to share. Inspired by pain, growth, nostalgia, love, heartbreak, and all things human, Lily likes to write the messy truth.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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