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“Honeydeux” - Honeysucker | Review

We’ve all had that moment of walking past someone on a night out that catches your attention. Brooklyn-duo Honeysucker gives us a lovely lust letter to…Christy? Jackie? Wait, no Tanya, we think, yeah let’s just go with Tanya, in their new song “Honeydeux.” Named after the French perfume Tanya wore that night, this track echoes any feelings you’ve had a few drinks at your favorite dive bar.

Honeysucker is an eclectic blend of new wave, indie, funk, and pop influences, some have coined it "land-locked yacht rock", while others call it "dirtbag pop." Whatever it is, it makes hips sway on stained, sticky dance floors across the city.

Be sure to give this song a stream or ten when you’re reminiscing on your night out!

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