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“Honey Let’s Go” - Sunset + Mine |Review

From the moment the synthesizing, electric beat hits your ears, “Honey Let’s Go” entangles the listener in a world of fantasy. The lyrics immediately clue listeners into the feeling of happy nostalgia for those particularly impactful small moments with loved ones: the miniscule details you remember from big experiences that make the journey the best part of the destination. The sound of echoes behind the main instrumentals make me feel transported into a new, bright reality where I can experience someone’s favorite love story alongside them.

Listeners are placed right inside the story of two neighbors who fall in love. The lyrics say, “Unexpected romance, with a brown-eyed boy down the street. Twinkling fireflies, little lanterns at night.” Details like this in the song cue us into the important details of the story and make it feel like we are zooming into specific moments in time. The song is like a childrens’ story book come to life. Valerie sings, “So honey let’s go jumping through the puddles in the evening glow while winning all the contestants on the radio,” in her gleeful voice which again transports listeners to a world where two lovers are enjoying spontaneous adventures together. It’s a sound with both excitement for what is to come and peace with what is happening in the moment.

Valerie and Rocco, the songwriters behind this piece, share their cute love story through their small moments shared together. As they work their way towards creating more music based in Los Angeles, Rocco’s mixed beats bring out the fun, lighthearted sound in Valerie’s voice. This is the perfect song to blast on your speakers in the summer with the windows down and the smell of sunscreen in the air.

Written by: Lizzie Oswalt

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