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"home" - Mae Krell | Review

Right now, “home” can be quite an unstable concept, but Mae Krell’s new single, “home,” creates a sense of temporary comfort.

Their vocals – soft, yet they cut through beautifully to the listener’s ears – are weaved amongst simple piano, guitar, and drum sounds. While it’s a comforting song, with their singing at one point, “I walk the streets with nobody beside me/And I know I’m not alone,” there’s also this sense of exploration as they end the song with, “I guess this is home.” The openness of the music and the lyrics allow for the listener to interpret this song in different ways and relate it to their journey of finding what “home” is to them. Krell understands the uncertainty that comes with attempting to find a home, saying, “I wrote [‘home’] when I first moved back home to NYC after being away for a while to work on myself. For the first time, I really valued my life, and suddenly I was scared of everything around me. There was a fear that formed because I actually cared about myself and my safety; ‘home’ is about coming to terms with that.”

Krell has received praise for their songwriting from multiple publications including PopMatters, Affinity Magazine, and Melodic Mag. The New York-based artist got their start in music photography, taking pictures at the Governor’s Ball for Rolling Stone when they were just seventeen. They cite Bob Dylan, Gregory Alan Isakov, and Phoebe Bridgers as influences and work as Editor-in-Chief of Tongue Tied Magazine, a music website, in their spare time.

Written by Tatum Jenkins

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