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“HOLY WATER” - Flora Cash | Review

Have you been waiting for a song that can haunt you to your core? Just in time for spooky season, “HOLY WATER” is the newest offering from Flora Cash.

This duo is already known for the power of their cinematic storytelling and enchanting vocals. I almost hear “HOLY WATER” as a dark and melancholic sister to their hit “You’re Somebody Else”. The lyrics weave a story of a love that is driven almost by fate and power beyond one's control. It is from the perspective of the person who is falling head over heels for someone no matter how they try to resist. There is an ethereal delivery to these lyrics of longing for the light in someone.

Why do I say it is the dark sister to “You’re Somebody Else”? Shpresa’s vocals become the focus instead of Cole’s. This alone transforms to the haunting and feminine in contrast to the soft and subdued masculine delivery of “You’re Somebody Else”. “You’re Somebody Else” also is the story of being in love with someone who is changing and slipping away from the version who fell in love with. These two songs tell almost the starting and ending chapters to a relationship tied up too closely with fate and a universal power.

Flora Cash, a musical duo of Shpresa Lleshaj and Cole Randall, epitomizes a journey of love, resilience, and artistic triumph. Lleshaj, forced to flee war-torn Kosovo, and Randall, who endured a turbulent upbringing with an incarcerated father, found solace in music. Their paths crossed on SoundCloud in 2012, leading to a Minneapolis meeting where Flora Cash was born. Neither hailing from fame or fortune, they united in love and music, marrying in 2013, and forging an authentic path marked by creativity and growth.

After signing with Icons Creating Evil Art in 2015 and receiving Swedish Artist of the Year and Swedish Newcomer of the Year nominations, they released their full-length debut, "Nothing Lasts Forever (And It's Fine)," in April 2017. The breakthrough came with "You're Somebody Else," which soared on alternative radio, reaching the #1 position before becoming a TikTok viral sensation, leading to Platinum certification in the US and multiple Gold and Platinum certifications worldwide.

Flora Cash's journey resonates across generations and around the world. Their story illustrates the possibilities within us all, enriching the world with sincerity, artistry, and love's transformative power.

With the release of their new single Flora Cash continues to explore love and life, resonating with strength in vulnerability, marking another chapter in their inspiring journey.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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