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‘Hold Me Down’ - Quietype

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Artisty and slow-burning, this moody R&B track is chill and sensual.

The music video is a quiet night in. Almost everyone can relate to the desired aesthetic of a night in listening to your favorite songs and some self-care. The simplicity of the music video and the play with lighting and angles makes it a really soothing one to watch without being dull. The track itself falls in that perfect balance of synths and beautiful pure vocals. Quietype really pulled out all the stops with this early fall song perfect for those cozy nights in.

According to the band "Hold Me Down is about the joys of falling in love and the endless desire to feel closer to someone. We focused on creating an atmosphere that reflects the electric, intimate, and lucid moments of a relationship in its nascent stages."

Late-night ruminations under the streetlights. A silent moment of heartbreak on the drive home. Fights that are whispered, not screamed. These are the moments that inspire the sounds of Toronto-based trio quietype. Like the relationships they reflect, their music is at once both intimate and epic. Vulnerable yet explosive. As likely to draw from Kings of Leon as Bon Iver, quietype blends soulful R&B melodies with rock sensibilities and hypnotic electronic textures. The result is both familiar and unpredictable. Dark, moody verses crescendo into raucous chorus grooves, electric guitars collide with dynamic synth lines, and programmed trap drums jitter around cavernous rock beats. These sounds coalesce on their forthcoming debut self-titled EP - a brutally honest depiction of a relationship that is slowly, quietly fracturing. It is an elegy to the joys of falling in love - and the pain of falling out of it.


May 15, 2019

Hold Me Down - quietype

Verse 1

5 in the evening

I should be leaving

I should get going but

Love the way you hold me down

It’s 5 in the evening

Can you believe it?

Where does the time go?

Every time you hold me down


And I can’t feel close enough to touch ya

And I can’t feel close enough with ya X2


Every time we’re touching


I love it when I lay you down

It feels like we’re on solid ground X2

Verse 2

It’s 5 in the morning

I wanna hold ya, be in the moment

Couldn’t control it

Just like an ocean, stuck but I’m flowing

5 in the morning

I don’t wanna wake ya, gotta be patient, wanna just stay here, wanna just lay here

I just wanna hold you down

I wanna show you


And devotion

And desire

And emotion yea

I just wanna slow it

Down (Down)


Chorus X2


If I could just hold ya (You got me running around)

Hold ya in this moment

Make you feel all over (Love it when I lay you down)

Get closer, get closer X2

Review by Hannah Schneider

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