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“High & Low” - Gemma Hayes |Review

“High & Low” is the brand new single that will be released by Irish singer-songwriter, Gemma Hayes ever since 2015. “High & Low” is the epitome of sadness and anger that results from losing someone or even yourself.

“High & Low” opens with a folky and delicate acoustic guitar introduction. Hayes’ smoky and emotive vocals then instantly grab the listener’s attention. With the use of a glottal stop in Hayes’ singing in the verses and the chorus sung in octaves, Hayes brings a sense of grief in her vocals for the entirety of the song.

The lyrics of “High & Low” express the loss of someone and yourself. For example, Hayes sings, “Am I Really Here? / Or am I floating in mid-air” in a verse. As well, “How can I come home? / When you’re not waiting for me” in the second chorus. Hayes’ well crafted lyrics are shown throughout the song.

Gemma Hayes is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and composer from Ireland. Ever since 2001, Hayes has been releasing music in the folk scene. She has completed 6 full length albums and 7 EPs in her music career. “High & Low” is the first single from her long awaited and upcoming album to be released in September 2023.

In regards to her music career, Hayes has been nominated and won awards in music award ceremonies such as: The Meteor Ireland Music Awards and the Irish Music Television: Video Music Awards.

Written by, Erika Isaacs

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