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“hey dear, heidi” – Michelle Limanjae | Review

An underrated rock sub-genre emerged during the early 2000’s. It felt like emo without melancholy—like alternative without conceit. It was the pinnacle of indie pop-rock, and it shaped the tastes and styles of musicians and music-lovers alike. Singer/songwriter Michelle Limanjae channels this sound and more in her first single, “hey dear, heidi.” She marries guitar-driven punk influences with the sweetness of pop to create a track both fun and impressive.

Every piece of this song is interesting. In true punk fashion, Limanjae cuts right to the chase. She strikes the perfect balance between neat and garagey. The production is warm and smooth, and the poppy kick-drum makes the whole mix bounce. Layers of backing vocals both honor the genre and are supportive throughout the entire song. They’re rich and atmospheric. It’s clear that Limanjae knows what her voice is capable of. She crafts a lead melody with lots of movement and delivers it with poise. The melody itself sounds sort of Walkmen-esque. Underneath it all, the guitar and bass parts drive the track. They play to each other expertly making the arrangement feel tight and well-written.

“hey dear, heidi” is the first single from Australian artist Michelle Limanjae. It encapsulates her isolation through the pandemic while maintaining an optimistic perspective. It’s a pick-me-up when you’re down. Her DIY approach to production results in a wonderfully distinctive aesthetic. Listening to her music is like peeking through a wormhole. It’s like traveling back to that golden age of indie pop-rock. Limanjae’s new track evokes memories of bands like Mates of State, Pretty Girls Make Graves, The Blow, or Chaos Chaos--especially back when they were based on the West Coast and called Smoosh. “hey there, heidi” leaves nothing on the table. It’s a great guitar-pop tune and is a blast from start to finish. This new song feels like a teaser for lots of great music to come from Michelle Limanjae.

Written by Matt Kalicky

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