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“Hello, Hello” – Glaser Brothers | Review

Over the past two decades, the microKORG analog modeling synthesizer has shaped the sound of indie-rock music. It’s given artists the ability to pay homage to their pop/rock influences from the 80s and simultaneously create sounds for a new generation.

The new single from Glaser Brothers has me thinking about that tidal wave of alternative synth-pop that crashed on the shore in the early 2000s. When I mull it over, I find that the genre hasn’t really gone away, but somehow listening to it still feels like hearing a revival of a style that inspired me in my youth. That’s what I feel when I hear “Hello, Hello.” It could be the uplifting chord progression or the way such a small band can make such a big sound. Admittedly, I don’t know what gear the Brothers use, but if their music gets me wondering, it means they’re doing something right. Even if they don’t endorse the microKORG, the sound of their new single generates an interest similar to what the aforementioned synthesizer brings to pass.

“Hello, Hello” is a piece that stands up to the hits of Klaxons or Kaiser Chiefs. It’s a tight, modern, alt-rock masterpiece with ample, reverberated, keys and vocals. The guitar tone is crisp and bright, and the piano is striking—much like the octave-driven lead riff in Muse’s “Starlight.” The strong vocal performance in the song calls to mind Karl Hyde, whose voice sort of encapsulates that vibe you pick up when seeing England through the lens of Guy Ritchie: that working-class East-Londoner feel.

Aside from the performance, Glaser Brothers establish their songwriting prowess on this track. Notice the bouncy rhythm from the toms in the verse and the key change in the finale. Notice how the major seventh over the IV chord becomes the major third over the tonic as the chorus shifts back into the verse.

Justin and Jordan Glaser (formerly of Home State) bring us “Hello, Hello:” their follow-up single to “Take Control” which was released earlier this month. These Brooklyn-based artists are partial to pop/rock and demonstrate a thorough understanding of its anatomy. The duo shines not just because of their experience in music but because of their experience in music together. Their history with one another has generated a charismatic chemistry that shows itself in the form of confident, calculated songwriting.

“Hello, Hello,” reminds us to reach out to a friend—it might mean more to them than you know. It also reminds us that alt-pop is alive and well. Glaser Brothers’ latest offering is a fresh track with a classic sound. It’s a promising indication of an epic debut album to come.

Written by Matt Kalicky

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