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Heather Sommer - "My Mind Makes Me" |Review

Heather Sommer closes out 2023 with the single “my mind makes me”.

With a catchy melody and infectious beat, it’s sure to get stuck in your head - I know it did in mine! Upon a closer listen, the track is extremely relatable. It’s about feeling trapped in your own head. About how life catches you off guard sometimes. About overthinking where you are in life. Every listener can relate to these feelings on some level. Sommer’s strong vocals just drive the point home further, giving you a window into her feelings, and helping you feel them too.

Independent artist Heather Sommer has made some serious strides in the industry, having amassed over 60 million streams on Spotify alone since the release of her debut EP in February 2021. Sommer produces the majority of her work, preferring to be heavily involved in the creative process, as she loves to be able to tell her story through her music. She splits her time between NYC and LA, also producing for other artists in hopes that she can help them tell their stories and feel the therapeutic power that she does. Sommer is an up and coming force in the music industry, and she’s just getting started. Be sure to give “my mind makes me” a listen!

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