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“Harmon Avenue” – Laura Lucas | Review

There are some songs that stop you dead in your tracks. They have that hypnotic ability to capture your attention and hold it hostage, forcing you to pause for just a few minutes to do nothing but listen. “Harmon Avenue” does just that. It’s no secret that Laura Lucas is known for her thoughtful songwriting and eloquent poetry, “something that shines through in her lyrics and adds another layer of creativity to her songs.” But what I didn’t expect from “Harmon Avenue” is her deftness in engaging in such beautiful storytelling from the very start.

Laura Lucas is a poet at heart, which explains why her “ability to captivate listeners and distill complex emotions through song has earned her comparisons to the likes of Lana Del Rey, Phoebe Bridgers, and Taylor Swift.” Her poetic talent glistens in this track, intertwined in the bittersweet, almost melancholy descriptions of her childhood home on “Harmon Avenue.”

The gentle and endearing guitar keeping the song on its placid pace feels familiar, nostalgic in a way that makes you wonder where you may have heard it before. It’s comforting, and Laura’s breathy vocals make you feel right at home. The ethereal background vocals glinting through help to establish a sweet, soothing energy that is paramount to the song, setting the scene of a life that once was.

Slowly, the song grows breezier and more melodic toward the end, almost serving to emphasize the beginning of an end… and that may be so. The Canadian singer-songwriter says she’s moving back to Melbourne, Australia just a couple of days after the release of this track, miles and miles from the place she currently calls home. However, one thing that surely won’t be changing is Laura’s ability to enchant her audience, telling stories of her life in a way that makes you feel like they could be part of your own… if your life was an introspective poem and someone sang heavenly songs about it.

“Harmon Avenue” is Laura’s second single, and we’ll look forward to hearing more in her upcoming EP titled, “Light the Candle, Hold the Mirror,” which was recorded remotely between Canada and Australia. The full EP is expected to be released in early 2022.

Written by Lena Hageman

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