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"Hard to Say" - GRAACE| Artist Spotlight

GRAACE is back with more stunning vocals on her newest track, Hard to Say.

The insanely talented GRAACE brings her new dynamic single, "Hard To Say," ft. I.E., to the table. Drawing from electronic and R&B elements, this new single veers from GRAACE's indie-pop sound for a contemporary and vibey, sad-girl track. We've completely fallen for this Aussie's fearless vocals and deeply personal tracks.

"Hard To Say" reads like a diary out loud or a vent session to your closest friends. GRAACE has got a knack for delivering honest and raw emotions and coupling it with an unforgettable melody. "Hard To Say" is a stunning mix of genres - in the same vein as breakout artists King Princess and Sasha Sloan. "La da da da" may be stuck in your head for the next few days but it's certainly worth it.

In the stunning visual component, watch GRAACE and I.E. maneuver the hazy, glitchy, complex world. Still moments are captured among the chaos as their world crashes around them. On the track GRAACE reveals, "I lost someone very close to my heart over a year ago now, and it's something that I don't talk about often but as soon as Xavier started playing these chords I felt like it was finally time to sing about him and bring light to the topic of mental health. It's a beautiful thing to be able to sing your thoughts when you can't fully articulate it in a normal conversation, because it's so hard to grasp your feelings sometimes when life is crazy. I hope people who listen can know that they're not alone and can see that everybody has somebody who has their back, whether it's someone they're close to or a stranger, like me."

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