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Harbour The Feeling- The Mezz |Review

Optimism, honesty, and relatability are all words that can be used to describe The Mezz’s

Harbour The Feeling. From the upbeat pop-rock instrumentals to the truthful lyrics, this song strikes a joyous and hopeful tone. Lead singer Ben Comley describes this song as a continuation of the story shared in the band’s previous hit single, Bridges, which focuses on the inner battle of wanting to change yourself for the better- something that is an inherent part of the human experience. Through Harbour The Feeling, the audience is able to receive and understand the shift in mindset expressed between the storyline of these two singles.

With lyrics like “Therapy / Failed to see it / I need to find a way to / Build me up build me up now / And harbour the feeling,” we are able to see that the voice of Harbour The Feeling has reached a point of complete self-acceptance, and is actively striving to find a way to better themselves. Through a lens of optimistic enthusiasm, there is a true desire for the narrator to find a way to build themselves up, and there is a true desire for change. However, amongst this moment of transformation, there is also an appreciation for the need to “harbour the feeling,” as the title of this song suggests. The Mezz has found a way to walk the line between changing for the better and living in the moment, and they walk it hard.

Starting off 2024 with this anthem of perseverance, The Mezz is a band to watch out for. From Oxford, England, Their story is one of transformation and triumph. They recently struck success in their 2023 EP, ‘Avoid The Panic,’ and their Second EP ‘The Mezz EP’ comes out on March 8th, via AWAL. They have cultivated a sound that is uplifting and transformative- a sound that makes you want to change and enrich your life from the very moment you hear it. There is a touch of the eighties in their sound- but with a modern approach. This band is comparable in ways to the band Bleachers in its early stages. There is something beautiful about the sound The Mezz has created- one that is raw and artfully unrefined. Unfinished- but not in a way that diminishes the band's undeniable talent- in a way that leaves the door open and invites their audience to walk through. Through this single, the Mezz is inviting you to Harbour The Feeling with them, and I strongly encourage you to accept their invitation.

Written By: Julia Brennan

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