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“Happy You’re Happy” - Evalina | Review

Evalina's latest electro-pop offering, "Happy You're Happy," is a vibrant summer anthem that juxtaposes the bitterness of a breakup with the facade of wishing your ex well. At just 23 years old, Evalina demonstrates her prowess as a songwriter and performer, effortlessly blending catchy melodies with witty lyricism reminiscent of artists like Maisie Peters.

With its infectious bassline and sunny vibes, "Happy You're Happy" transports listeners to carefree days and warm summer nights. Evalina's youthful energy shines through as she playfully navigates the complexities of post-breakup emotions, offering a refreshing take on the age-old trope of pretending to be happy for an ex's newfound happiness.

Despite its upbeat exterior, there's a subtle edge to "Happy You're Happy" that adds depth and relatability to the track. Evalina's clever wordplay and tongue-in-cheek lyrics hint at a hint of passive aggression, capturing the nuances of navigating the aftermath of a failed relationship.

"Happy You're Happy" sets the stage for what promises to be an exciting musical journey. With over 35 million streams to her name and accolades from prestigious festivals like The Great Escape and Amsterdam Dance Event, Evalina is poised to make a significant impact on the pop music scene.

In her own words, Evalina is just scratching the surface of her potential, and "Happy You're Happy" is a testament to her talent and ambition. With its infectious energy and relatable lyrics, this track is sure to resonate with listeners of all ages, cementing Evalina's status as an artist to watch in the electro-pop genre.

By Hannah Schneider

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