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“HALF TIME” - Lorelei | Review

Deep bass and smooth modern R&B influence instantly hits when you press play on the latest track from Lorelei titled “ HALF TIME”.

HALF TIME is a sexy dark track with the perfect amount bassy reverb. I am in love with Lorelei’s vocals. There is a crispness in her delivery that balances perfectly in the dreamy soundscape she is creating. It is almost a siren song of sorts that winds together the warmth of her vocal and experimental synths. She channels a persona that empowers women to embrace their mystique and take control of their lives, resulting in a sound that blends sultry RnB rhythms with a tempting femme fatale aura.

LORELEI is a multi-talented artist who blends ethereal tones with ambient planetary soundscapes and melancholic alt pop. Drawing inspiration from the surreal imagery of lucid dreams, her music transports listeners to a different realm where the lines between reality and imagination blur. Ultimately, LORELEI's journey in music aims to restore harmony between the earth and ourselves, while simultaneously delving into the depths of the human psyche, unveiling new insights and understandings.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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