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"h8 u" - Véyah | Review

With how mature her voice is, it’s hard to believe that Véyah is only 18 years old. On December 2, 2022, Véyah released her latest single “h8 u”.

The song starts with a slow piano and Véyah’s lush harmonies, which then quickly picks up. The tone of the song is quite somber despite sounding upbeat, with the lyrics referencing a failed relationship, now letting go of a person. The pop song is perfect for the younger generation, being a very relatable subject of failed relationships. By the end there is acceptance and although the song is called “h8 u”, it is actually about not caring enough to have anger towards somebody, shown through lyrics such as “it must make you crazy I don’t care enough to hate you”. For people who enjoy listening to soulful artists like SZA and Summer Walker, this is the perfect track to tune into.

Véyah is an up and coming artist who was discovered on Tiktok, being born in Hyderabad, India, and moving to the states when she was just 1. The multi-talented artist made her debut this year and says her inspirations range from both her American and Indian background. Artists such as Jay Sean, who is a very prominent voice for South Asian artists in the West, has shown his personal support for how talented Véyah is. This latest single marks the second release of Véyah being under Snafu Records, with her track “Almost” being the first in October 2022. Being a South Asian person myself, it is rare to see more representation and artists who look like myself in the industry and Véyah is proving to people why she is here to stay.

Written by Ayesha Khahera

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