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"Got Me Running" - Kodey Brims | Review

Humming with potential and full of what I can only describe as a spunky bass line, "Got Me Running" is a fantastic pop song.

I really value when artists are able to take something a bit heavier content wise and create something anthemic and catchy. Kodey Brims wrote this track about her recognition and confrontation with her anxiety. I think that a track like this is actually quite powerful for mental health. Recognizing the challenge, using music to break it down, and then sharing that art to be used as a sort of mantra for others dealing with the same things. The cycle is beautiful.

Kodey Brims is an emotive vocalist with one foot in reality and the other in her imagination.

Brims has always loved stories and songs. At the age of 9 she wrote her first song to accompany an epic novel she had written and hasn’t stopped since.

Then her whole life changed when she won a scholarship to study at Berklee College of Music in the United States. Songwriting classes helped her craft honest and introspective lyrics, while competitive college a cappella shaped the vocal landscapes of her songs.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Songwriting Brims spent a year as a working musician in Nashville, Tennessee and has writing credits with independent musicians Mary Moore and Peyton Gilliland.

Brims currently resides in Madrid, Spain with her wife and two dogs. She received a Master of Music Production from DJP Music School and was a Finalist in the Acoustic Artist Accelerator and TMF European Songwriting Contest.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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