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“Going Down This Road” - Kalmly | Review

Playing with falsetto, a peppy beat, and easy flowing lyrics Kalmly brings listeners “Going Down This Road”.

This song is truly great. I can’t get enough of Kalmly’s voice. His creativity is tremendous and it shows itself quite beautifully in this track. Nothing is overdone. Everything has its place in this song. If you are looking for a fun song that you can vibe too with a groovy beat this is it!

The Story Behind The Song:

“Going Down This Road is a song about coming to terms with an upsetting phase in your life - today we're faced with the constant pressure of being happy 24/7, given how when anything goes amiss, we're bombarded with pictures of perfect couples, people living seemingly idealistic lifestyles, etc. through social media. The idea behind the song was to accept the fact that circumstance works against you in these times, motivating you to get through it with the promise of better times ahead. ("I guess I'm going down this road. I guess I need my time alone.")

The chorus of the song features four distinct vocal harmonic layers in the chorus (no digital manipulation of the pitch for harmonies, they were organically recorded), and a call and response arrangement between the voice and a Turkish Zither.

Going Down This Road is part of the album Evil Intentions. The following are a few words about the album.

Short Story: We take things personally, when they weren't intended to do harm to us in the first place, hence mistaking miscommunication for 'Evil Intention'.

The Rather long Story: Within a community, there may exist an ignorance of the individual’s standing. Evil behavior (in the eye’s of the aforementioned individual) is driven by others’ means of self-preservation (the unhealthy ego, general insensitivity, etc), not conscious vindictiveness. The individual then does two things: first increase their own self-worth, viewing others as incompetent and lesser (e.g. the Individual being the bigger person) and second, victimizing the self through acts of social sacrifice. Sacrifice is therefore concluded to be born of introducing this individual to negative experiences.

Taking from the same, the songs are linked by the overarching theme of positive approaches to dealing with negative experiences. Since if the individual doesn’t, he/she inevitably becomes part of a community that collectively promotes the same detrimental mindset.

Choice of Sonic Appeal: The album features Kalmly's recurring contrast between a punchy falsetto voice (used for high energy choruses) and a more intimate, lower voice. Marimbas have been the primary percussive force for multiple songs in the album. Sections are used to offer rhythmic variations above all else, and emphasize distinctive patterns on the kick drum (namely an alternation between a four on the floor beat and a Charleston variant).

Kalmly (Shaan Kambli, 19) stands for an introspective brand of electronic pop music, sharing a positive message about temperament, image and spirit.

Writing, recording and producing his music himself, Kalmly's music emphasizes a duality in voice and its use as a digital instrument.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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