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"Go Outside!" - eliza elliott | Review

Do you love that retro indie pop vibe you get listening to an artist like Dayglow? Do you wish you could find a female vocalist with the same energy? Well, look no further; you new favorite bedroom pop songstress eliza elliott is here with her newest single "Go Outside!"

I am in love with these vocals! Elliot has this floaty romantic tone to her voice that pairs so perfectly with this bittersweet love narrative. The retro nature of the synths in this track as a staple of the bedroom lo-fi genre but it feels so fresh here. This is perfect nostalgia-inducing pop music. I love how floaty and pop-centric this track is and I can't get enough.

If you see me with headphones in dance-walking down the sidewalk, I bet this is the track that will be playing.

"Go Outside!" is a nostalgic synth-pop ballad that perfectly encapsulates the end of summer. While the song's instrumentation is upbeat and encouraging it is lyrically driven with the heartache and longing we all feel as we approach the end of a season and the opportunity to start over again. This song was written and produced in Brooklyn, NY.

eliza elliott is a singer/songwriter currently based in New York City, living and recording music in Greenpoint, Brooklyn - where she, alongside William Smith, wrote and produced her most recent single “Go Outside!”.

Eliza’s start began in Nashville in 2016. Eliza released her first collection of music—an EP titled "Out of the Blue". The EP contains four songs including "Monsoon" which was featured on Freeform TV's “The Foster's”.

Since then, Eliza’s music has been published by publications such as Uproxx, Milk, Earmilk and more.

Eliza has accumulated over a million streams and continues to hit milestones with her song “Strangers” featuring NY artist Leuca.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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