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"Glow" - NYIKO I Review

A deep bass line and shimmery synths carry NYIKO’s smooth vocals throughout their new single, “Glow.” This song gives me an indie vibe spiked with some pop elements that truly leave it undefinable and unique.

There’s also a sort of eighties vibe to the song; maybe it’s that there’s a sort of comfortable familiarity to “Glow” that makes it so enjoyable to listen to. It’s set in its simplicity – in its ability to do more with less – and it doesn’t try to be more than it is. In that way, it’s an honest song and it should be as it centers around confidence and inner-beauty, truths that involve looking straight into yourself. “Illuminate” and “glow” are two words that appear over and over again in the chorus and that light is reflected in the production as well as NYIKO’s hollow, buoyant vocals that empower the listener through a sort of grace.

They wanted a sort of bliss – one that a person often experiences in the midst of a new relationship or at a party– to come through in “Glow.” NYIKO specifically wrote the song after a certain party they attended, saying, “I remember walking inside and just being stunned by the number of modelesque people in attendance. It felt like the set for a fashion ad. Later I was recounting the night and that’s when the first line of the song came to me [I walked into this room and fell in love a hundred times].” Overall, they don’t want their new single to be about artificial beauty that modeling tends to center around, but about something much deeper, with them commenting, “For me, the song is about being confident and letting your best self shine through.”

NYIKO (pronounced “nee-koh”) is a singer-writer, actor, producer and label owner, and a visual artist based in Los Angeles. They have released a variety of projects with well-known companies such as Disney, Amazon, and Sony/ATV. They were signed to a co-publishing deal with Sony/ATV and Heard Well after his collaboration with producer The White Electric, a song called “In The Middle.” They also participated in Disney Raps, which was a web series that paid tribute to Disney’s classic films and shows through hip-hop music. They have been featured on Spotify’s Indie Shuffle and Fresh Finds: Six Strings playlist, and have performed with artists such as Alvvways and Vacationer.

Written by Tatum Jenkins

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