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"GIVE" - Laventure | Review

Laventure is an incredible new sound coming out of France.

Their debut single "GIVE" plays with a fun R&B style bassline with the vocal stylings of lo-fi and bedroom pop music. I love how fresh this feels. I haven't really heard any one really tap into this almost surfy style of R&B and I think it brings something very fun and sweet.

"GIVE delivers a joyful and chill sound through the singer’s warm and friendly voice, escorted by the guitar’s dreamy reverb. The melodic and repetitive bass line stays in mind just as much as the chorus. Whereas the guitar licks guide us to the bridge where keys, drums and the lead voice team up for a few soft and welcoming measures that sound like playful whispers that are exchanged by two dancers. The song paints a picture of a retro club where pink and purple lights lie down on a dirty floor where a plethora of dancing shoes keep moving to the sound of these catchy drums. The songwriter has described GIVE as « kinda like 4 digit number, a code to one's heart. Something two people have to do to truly make a connection. I wrote GIVE as I recalled a night spent in a club, after that it kinda unfolded just as it is now! It’s a warm, soft and welcoming sound. A declaration of love whispered to your ear, that lasts only the time of a song but that you cherish all your life. We hope it will make you feel like you’re given a warm hug! » "

- Laventure

Carried in a temporal voyage starting in their respective bedrooms, the Strasbourg based duo LAVENTURE explores with wisdom, life’s joy and pain. Wavering between pop, glo-fi and soul, they weave miniature hymns with the help of their bag of tricks. With a strong and original musical identity, they peacefully ride the waves of lyrical themes such as love, growing up or sexuality. Mixing keys, guitars, pedals, double bass and vocals, the duo pull with mischief and delight a dozen of disguises out of their instrument trunk - making the promise to dance upside down, the head dived in basses and the feet swimming in space. Laventure is a paperback concert in a kaleidoscope. For those parties that start in the living room and end up on the roof. For those precious memories that we hold on to when the sun goes down. Either we choose dancing or pillows, everyone will leave with a warm heart.

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