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Girl With Headphones - LOVE YOU LATER |Review

Have you ever felt out of place in your own world? Or have you ever just stared out of your car window with your headphones on and pretended you’re in a music video? If you said yes to either of those questions, “Girl With Headphones,” by LOVE YOU LATER is the new lofi pop song for you.

LOVE YOU LATER is based out of Nashville, TN and is a solo project run by Lexi Aviles. “Girl With Headphones,” is the first single off of Aviles’ upcoming EP From The Window Seat, out May 5.

“Girl With Headphones,” starts out with a distorted, fuzzy synth that gives the listener an almost dizzying feeling. This sound continues throughout the song in the background, providing a sense of dissociation as Aviles’ voice echoes: “I wanna be okay even if I have to lose you.”

My favorite line comes in the bridge: “I’m really good at keepin’ busy, you’ll never know I’m feeling dizzy.” With themes of anxiety and dissociation throughout the whole song, this line shows that Aviles is trying to hide what they are going through.

Overall, I feel like “Girl With Headphones,” is a great song— it’s relatable for a lot of people and sonically it is very pleasant to listen to.

Review By Casper Barbour

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