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Girl I Used To Know by Grace Abel

Grace Abel’s ‘Girl I Used To Know’ is a token of self-reflection.

Through the duality of reflecting on the past and hoping for the future, Grace takes us on a journey through her memories. With the aid of haunting and descriptive imagery, ‘Girl I Used To Know’ has captivating lyrics: “And you can’t promise me that when I look into the mirror I won’t see the girl I used to know / She lives not too far from here in the back of my mind she whispers sweet little lies.” This song is about breaking free from the past and moving forward, despite the difficulties that surround moving on.

Grace is a Pennsylvania-born native. With the aid of her smooth vocals, she has released a few other singles. Some of her notable titles include ‘Save You’ and ‘Easily,’ both of which showcase her talent beautifully. Her style is similar in ways to that of Lizzy McAlpine. There is a consistent richness and depth to her music, that is present throughout her discography. Be sure to give Grace a listen!

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