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“Ghost” - NGO | Review

The swift arrival of fall also means that the season of heartbreak is here. NGO returned with his latest single ‘Ghost’ featuring Rasmus Wahlgren on October 14, 2022, bound to empathize with all those in the midst of their break ups.

The track starts with a hypnotic-like sound, catching the listeners attention within the first five seconds. The hard-hitting emo pop single is percussive heavy in sharp contrast to NGO and Wahlgren’s soulful vocals that convey their emotions. These artists are no strangers to their own form of heartbreak, with the lyrics ‘Now I’m used to it. I can handle mine; I see right through you when you pull a lie. I know what you want. Pull up outside’. The gritty texture of the song is bound to unlock the hidden emotions of being ghosted many can relate to.

NGO and Wahlgren both wanted to express the height of autumn, when school is back in session and many couples begin to break off before the start of holiday seasons. They describe the song as a story of a relationship beginning to fail, with issues starting to surface, ultimately leading the couple to start to mutually become ghosts to one another. The moody R&B track is one that captures a common feeling, especially amongst the younger generation, where relationships often never make it past the talking stage.

The Bay Area native first made his mark in the music scene with his iconic dance pop remix of ‘Too Good’ by Drake & Rihanna, ultimately reaching 15 million streams across all platforms. Calvin Ngo (better known mononymously as NGO) has transitioned from remixing, to also solidifying his own name as a songwriter, producer, and ultimately a performer. Now amassing over 75 million streams and recently getting to work with T-Pain & OT-Genasis for a chill pop remix of ‘A Million Times’, NGO is staying true to his roots while also showing us new sides and colors to him as an artist. ‘Ghost’ marks the third single, just this year, of collaboration between NGO and Rasmus Wahlgren, an up-and-coming songwriter.

We are certain that both Rasmus and NGO will not be ‘ghosts’ to you, as they make their mark, slowly rising and ensuring they are artists you will remember.

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