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‘Get Comfortable’ Amethyst Is Here To Stay

Amethyst’s new single, ‘Get Comfortable,’ is an entrancing R&B song that wants you to communicate what you need.

The UK-based singer has a voice as ethereal as the crystal she takes her name and a sound that breaths passion, sensuality, and retrofuturism.

The new track is a story about a couple falling out of love, using sexy guitar ad-libs throughout the track to build passion through the instrument, ultimately matching what’s happening in the lyrics.

This couple sits down together to end things and talk about breaking up. However, as their conversation goes on, they realize they want the same things but haven’t communicated that to each other and start to connect again.

The lyrics, “I need you to see what I see. Something about you sets me free. You know what I want baby. Want you to my own baby,” show this communication storyline perfectly.

Once she finally opens up and tells her partner exactly how she feels, can their relationship mend, and can they finally Get Comfortable. She is proving to an audience that having uncomfortable conversations can be the only way to gain true comfort.

This message is essential to young people across the world that are the first generation to grow up navigating dating, romance, and love in a highly digital world.

Today, uncomfortable conversations can get you ghosted, blocked, or broken up with. Because, as singles know, there are plenty of people online or in the world that wouldn't put them in uncomfortable conversations.

Young people today are missing out on sultriness and passion dating once used to have. A sultriness and passion the Amythest doesn’t seem to be short on.

After being compared to Nao, Ella Mai, and Snoh Aalegra - Amethyst is working to cement herself as a prominent voice in the R&B genre. Having released two singles, “Up All Night” and “Can’t Let Go,” that suit her sensual and retrofuturist sound, she is now gearing up for the future with the release of “Get Comfortable.”

By: Zac Strater

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