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“Gemini” - Letting Up Despite Great Faults | Review

Ethereal, moody, and pure bliss: this is my weak attempt at describing the beauty that Letting Up Despite Great Faults’ new single “Gemini” radiates. This is one of those songs - and one of those bands - that requires one’s full attention in order to be put under the spell of the lulling guitar and whispering vocals.

This Indie Dream Pop group has had a long musical journey where each previous work and album builds on the next. Jack-of-all-trades Mike Lee, the band’s lead vocalist, songwriter, bassist, guitarist, and pianist, founded the band back in 2006 and they haven’t lost their bright Indie-rock sound since their debut. The single is painted with vibrant guitar reverberations, and dreamy lyrics by Lee. The song rings of sweet nostalgia with a turbulent layer of instrumentals almost making the lyrics disappear behind the powerful melody of the guitar.

The hazy sound of the song makes it a natural chameleon in the music world as it slips into many different styles. The sweet melodic lyrics and softness within the song are similar to the sounds of South Korean producer Camper, the man behind the band Rad Museum. The muffled yet harsh guitar sound of Alt-rock-Indie band Alvvays.

When I close my eyes and listen to “Gemini,” it feels as if I've been transported beyond my reality and into fantasy where the landscape is covered in a heavy mist that makes everything almost invisible with a lingering coldness with the only warmth coming from strokes of a guitar and feathery vocals. Letting Up Despite Great Faults’ new single “Gemini” from their newest album is an absolute smash.

Written by Brigid McCormack

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