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"Garden" - Essa Alexis |Review

Essa Alexis creates a stunning neo soul listening experience with her new single "Garden".

I am in awe of these buttery vocals and simple piano track. It is just incredible what Essa is able to create. The track is introspective and displays an amazing depth of emotion.

The ethereal, smooth, and silky sound of “Garden” transports listeners into a mental journey of trying to pursue inner bliss and alignment. The poetic lyrics blossom, much like flowers in a garden, to reveal a sense of hope during a time of loneliness and mental turmoil. “Garden” was birthed during the lockdown by Toronto artist Essa Alexis. It displays her inner mind and emotions by infusing the gentle sounds of piano, harp, and her velvety caramel voice.

Essa Alexis is a vocalist from Toronto known for her unique vocal tone, often described as a silky caramel. Essa began her musical career singing classical music and opera. She was in two Canadian Opera Company productions, La Bohème and Tosca. Following her ventures in Opera, Essa found her love for neo-soul and pop music after being influenced by the sounds of Sade, Cleo Sol, and Erykah Badu.

Essa recently graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in Vocal Jazz Performance. She finds her voice within music and expresses it within her songs.

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