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"Freewheeler"- Siena Stone | Review

Siena Stone’s debut single, “Freewheeler,” is a great starting point for her great musical career. The song exudes a sixties/seventies vibe with dreamy, wistful vocals over an echoey guitar background. For fans of Zella Day and Bob Dylan, I recommend listening to “Freewheeler”, released on August 10th, and jumping on Siena Stone’s bandwagon before she becomes a bigger name in the music industry.

Stone grew up in a quiet beach town on the East Coast of New Zealand and honed her instrumental and songwriting skills as a young teen, often performing at local pubs. She started recording her songs in her final year of school and, with a collection of songs up her sleeve, she traveled to New York to collaborate with songwriters and further her career.

She worked with songwriters/producers Dan Gibson and Simon Oscroft to craft her debut EP, which will be released sometime in 2019. For now, fall in love with Siena Stone as you listen to the addictively beautiful sound of “Freewheeler.”

Written by Tatum Jenkins

Edited by Hannah Schneider

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