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“four leaf clover” - your favorite plant | Review

“Four leaf clover” is a song that will surround you like that feeling of when someone you love smiles at you.

Your favorite plant is the stage name for indie-pop soft girl Rachel. Everything about this artist makes me want to smile, from the visual aesthetic to her smooth vocals, to her endearing and sweet songwriting. This track makes me want to fall in love. Rachel’s storytelling is so free-flowing and lovely, it feels so effortless when you listen. Honestly, as a farmers market regular these days, this song makes me want to have the cliche cute farmers market romance, something about that seems so perfect with this song. Here is my prompt for you reading this, who is your four leaf clover? Go say thank you for making every day a bit brighter.

From your favorite plant about herself:

I’m a 22-year-old musician based in Nashville and I mostly make soft acoustic songs with lots of harmonies. I love writing and poetry, and my music is focused around the words. the lyric is the most important part of a song to me. my songs cover topics like love, heartbreak, loneliness, and self-doubt/insecurity. I also take photos for others, and make art.

I really like cute things like glitter and stickers and all animals, even possums and rats. my retirement dream is to open a woodland creatures petting zoo and live inside a big red polka dot mushroom house. I am a supporter of public crying, big confusing emotions, and dramatic declarations of love.

music is my way of processing what happens to me and how I feel about it. I’ve struggled a lot in the past with feeling like my music wasn’t good enough to share, but I’ve decided to just do it anyways! I want my songs to find a home in your heart. it means everything to me to create. I hope I can create a song that means something to you.

Find her here:

Review by Hannah Schneider

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