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"Forget About Me” - Ben Provencial, Jaylon Ashaun | Review

“Forget About Me” a new single by Ben Provencial and Jaylon Ashaun about a former relationship marred with infidelity and empty promises. Opening with Provencial’s quiter, lonier vocals, he’s then contrasted by Ashaun’s faster, poppier vocals. The vocals of each singer perfectly encapsulate the emotions both sing about. As the subject of “Forget About Me” “teeter[s] between tears and regret”, so do Provencial and Ashaun.

“Forget About Me” opens with a quick, sharp drum like clapping, evoking a congratulatory feeling for removing oneself from the harmful relationship. Then more fast beats join as Provencial begins singing. He hits high notes, then sings lower ones, taking the listener on a rollercoaster side similar to one’s feelings in a failing relationship. The quick beats contrast Provencial’s slower singing, creating another push and pull for the listener. In addition, the soundtrack gets one’s heart racing, like emotions building up and on the verge of bubbling over.

The first lyrics of the song are “I thought you were better than this”, encapsulating the struggle of the relationship: knowing the good your partner can do, yet constantly being shown otherwise. Provencial then goes on to sing “do my best to forgive and forget”, highlighting the desire and willingness for the relationship to work. Yet the lyric also illustrates that the speaker has their limit and knows what isn’t acceptable. Going into the chorus, Provencial sings while lamenting about the broken relationship. He sings “do you think that all my love comes for free”, emphasizing how the relationship had become one sided. This is furthered, as throughout, the chorus the lyric “Did you forget about me?” is repeated with one of them being sung in a deep, angry voice contrasting the previous vocals.

Provencial's solem, sad vocals lament the failure of the relationship, while Ashaun then takes over, singing about missing parts of the relationship and wondering about their ex. Ashaun contrasts Provencial’s vocals as his vocals are more rap and poppier. Providing another window into the relationship, the more upbeat soundtrack and vocals symbolize another side to the emotions. The change relieves the listener from the depressing side as Ashaun sings to the ex, wondering about the relationship and what their ex is doing.

In the end, the final chorus includes many lyrics repeating over each other like different voices and echoes. The overlapping lyrics can symbolize all the different emotions and thoughts one might have about the relationship, which is similar to early lyrics relating the struggle of the relationship failing but thinking your partner was better. The many voices also causes the listener to become confused and lost.

Ben Provencial is an indie pop singer songwriter based in Atlanta, Georgia. Provencial began releasing music in 2020, quickly gaining a following. Jaylon Ashaun is an R&B singer from Houston, Texas, crafting viriting songs based on his life. Ashaun is inspired by artists such as One Republic and Xavier Omär.

Written by Anne Friedman

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