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"For You" - Sean Martin West | Review

Do you like nostalgic folk music resembling Simon and Garfunkel and Fleet Foxes? This recently released track is nothing short of that and will be perfect for your playlists.

Sean Martin West’s latest single “For You” can best be described as a delicate yet introspective love song with emotion that blooms so colorfully that it tugs at your heartstrings within seconds of hearing it. It immediately transports you to a dreamy fairy garden and is representative of fresh air and new beginnings.

The guitar and piano work together gracefully. As the piano descends, the guitar contradicts this by ascending. It’s almost as if they’re speaking to each other in a language only they can understand, creating this intimacy that can be interpreted as the solid foundation of the whole song. The vocals softly float over the instruments, as West expresses himself honestly and vulnerably. As the track grows, so does his love for the person he sings to. He alternates between the ideas of “I’d do anything for you” to “10,000 nervous thoughts leave me restless for you”, exploring both the excitement and fear of falling in love with someone. He describes this person as a “springtime flower in a field of weeds”. To me, this is one of the most beautiful ways to describe someone.

West describes music as something that “should make you feel more in tune with your emotion and less alone in this chaotic world.” He does this well with his lyricism and creating music that exposes his innermost thoughts, inspiring others to do the same by spreading the message that you should not be afraid to explore your deepest feelings. It makes you human. And being human is a privilege, which is a theme that West’s entire discography explores.

As a graduate of the Berklee College of Music, West was exposed to a variety of music and has blended the genres of his many influences to form his unique sound. He began creating during the pandemic lockdown and has released 3 out of the 6 singles he plans to release in 2023. I am incredibly lucky to have found his music and I hope everyone has the opportunity to listen to the masterpieces he makes. We are all anxiously waiting to see what he does next, but for now, we will be streaming “For You” as much as we can and we suggest you do the same!

Written by Amrita Kumar

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