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“Fool’s Paradise” – Ferraro |Review

“Fool’s Paradise” – Ferraro’s new single – isn’t a song that merely begins; it springs and launches itself into your ears with a quintessential indie-like sound.

There’s a certain ferocity to this energy that’s only accentuated by the lyrics – for example, “I’m standin’ on the ledge/Been pushed right to the edge/...Don’t wanna play nice/I fight to carry on/I’ve done this for too long.” You can feel that desire for change underlying every aspect of the song and I think that’s what makes it an irresistible listen, especially during this period of time where we’re all feeling a bit stuck. The chorus comes with a subtle change to a more heavy production base but maintains it’s classic pop-rock feel as Ferraro invites us to experience this “fool’s paradise” alongside them. The upbeat energy of the song certainly makes me want to dance like a fool and I’ll proudly go for it and I think other listeners will find themselves doing the same thing.

Ferraro consists of three brothers and they all handle vocals besides their instrumental specialties. Guitarist Cosmo, bassist Tally, and drummer Giann find themselves diving into the beloved pop-indie scene, citing Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks, Jack White, and Foster the People as some of their influences. They released their first album in 2016, titled Losing Sleep, and they’ve opened for Arkells, The Sam Roberts Band, and Big Sugar on their tours. “Fool’s Paradise” is the second single off their upcoming untitled EP and they co-wrote it with The Darcys, an art-rock duo.

Written by Tatum Jenkins

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