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Floating - Cassie Marin | Review

Echoing with the sound of a bubble-pop utopia, Floating is the latest single from Los Angeles-based vocalist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Cassie Marin. Emerging from somewhere in the ethereal space of synthetic pop, Marin’s most recent track challenges the confines of social norms while revitalizing the rigid conventions of electronica.

Following an olympic career-ending injury in gymnastics at 13, Cassie found herself without a sense of purpose in her direction. Dealing with the ramifications of her injury left Marin searching for comfort in her love of music, songwriting, and playing piano. With this new shift in direction, Marin channeled all of her aspirations into perfecting her musical and producing capabilities, soaring to a number of successful releases.

In recounting the emotional themes behind Floating, Marin states, “Floating is all about coping with isolation and discovering beauty in the mundane. It embraces us when we find it difficult to relate to others. It packs this celestial sense of liberation that, when I wrote it, got me out of questioning who I was. I was reminded that there is never anything wrong with being different. I hope to take my listeners to this place, into the freedom of the sky, floating, above all doubt and fear, embracing fully the present moment and all that we are.”

In her latest track, Marin enlists production that is excitingly aberrant– turning synthetic, experimental beats into a visionary, hyper pop artifice. Halfway through the song, there is a break where Marin recharges for the second half, assembling a pearlescent rave of magnetizing synthesizers. Vocally, Marin’s sultry voice sparkles with a tinge of futurism that solidifies her avant garde, synth-pop princess image.

Floating is surprisingly introspective, questioning the standards of normalcy, while celebrating the gleaming transcendence that comes from personal liberation. Marin has constructed a transfixing spell in the song’s structure– every listen reveals new technical elements that fuel the track’s infectious vitality. It becomes a track that is fresh, and thrilling everytime, avoiding the repetitive clashing of overwhelming 808s seen in conventional synthpop, in favor of simple rhythmic elements that glide over one another like honey.

Having already amassed millions of streams across her discography, as well as being named an artist to watch by TikTok, Ones To Watch, and EUPHORIA, Cassie Marin has achieved well beyond what her 13 year old self would have imagined. Reflecting on what music did for her, Marin is now focusing on the bigger impact of her sound– “I want my music to be there for anyone and everyone who needs it the way that music was there for me.”

By Cassidy Copenheaver

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