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Field Guide Concert Review and Gallery

Field Guide made a stop in Los Angeles on his headlining tour all over the US and Canada last Thursday night at the Lodge Room. All three acts that performed made the night memorable, yet still laid-back and chill, with each one sharing their unique styles of music.

Up first was Julian Never, who made the venue feel like it was an intimate group of friends just jamming out in someone’s garage. They did a good job kicking off the night with lots of energy and created a fun atmosphere.

Next on stage was Jack Van Cleaf, who showcased his somber, melodic folk songs filled with detailed and vulnerable storytelling. His time in Nashville clearly colors his style and music, with songs about cowboys and a slight country twang that flavors his deep emotive voice. In between songs, Jack would joke around with the crowd and explain some of the backstories behind his music. I thoroughly enjoyed his performance and cannot wait to see how he continues to grow in the future.

Finally, Field Guide closed out the night with an extraordinary and dynamic performance. Throughout his set, he played an assortment of songs, including some that were unreleased and some that he performed acoustic by himself. One thing that I was pleasantly surprised by was how funny and charismatic Dylan MacDonald, the man behind Field Guide, was. During breaks, he would share funny anecdotes, such as the first time that he performed in Los Angeles, when he and his band performed for a man’s birthday party and stayed with him in his apartment above the famous Grand Central Market in downtown. He was clearly relaxed and in his element on stage. Before one final encore, Field Guide wrapped up his setlist with “You Were”, with everyone in the crowd singing along to the nostalgic-feeling and upbeat song. Overall, I was very impressed with Field Guide’s performance and I’m glad that I finally got to hear more of his catalog live. If you have the chance, I would definitely recommend checking out Field Guide on one of his remaining shows of the tour.

Written by Laurel Ayuyao


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