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"Feel This Again" - The Satellite Station |Review

Dark and melancholic folk singer/songwriter The Satellite Station explores uncharted territory in his new uplifting, optimistic single, “Feel This Again.”

“I was asked by my friends why all my songs sounded so melancholy. I conceded he had a point. I wrote this song as a challenge to myself that I could write a song that was upbeat and positive,” says Travis Rue, the brainchild behind The Satellite Station. Not only was he successful in his exploits in writing something so out of character, he was doubly successful in writing something infectious and genuinely lovely to listen to. It leaves behind his folk influences for just a moment, highlighting his background and appreciation for indie pop. His raw, acoustic sound is still present, but revamped with an upbeat tempo and bright imagery within the lyrics to create a different atmosphere than he’s used to. The result is a youthful, romantic tune that is tailored for reminiscing.

The song triggers a cinematic-like montage in the mind of late summertime bonfires, spontaneous road trips, and late night conversations in cars after hitting up the only fast food joint that’s still open. These images are so vivid, I can almost smell them – like the aroma of pine that surrounds the bonfire, or the crispness of the air as dusk casts its last shred of light on the Earth. It captures the essence of the little things in life that stick with us as we move forward, and the feeling of being where we’re supposed to be.

The Satellite Station is based in Travis Rue’s Ohio bedroom, where he marries elements of pop and indie/folk together. He pairs his multi-instrumentalist expertise with brooding lyrics and melancholic melodies, creating his signature emotional sound. He utilizes his storytelling and even world-building abilities within his lyrics to traverse through the trials, tribulations, and joys of life.

Written by Jess Ward, Edited by Tatum Jenkins

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