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"Fan Favourite" - Bess Atwell |Review

Smooth vocals and dazzling instrumentals set the scene for Bess Atwell’s newest release, ‘Fan Favourite.’

This song vocalizes the very intricate experience of being alive. When speaking about this song, Bess said, “I wrote Fan Favourite after watching some behind the scenes footage from a popular TV show. Not even a die-hard fan of the show myself - I can’t remember what it was now - I found myself emotional watching the cast’s wrap party. I felt jealous of the sense of community and opportunity to reflect on shared experiences and history. I pictured my own family’s “wrap party” and what that would look like.” This piece encapsulates the passage of time, and the feeling of watching your life move around you. With heartfelt lyrics that tug at your heartstrings, ‘Fan Favourite’ is a textbook representation of the bittersweetness, and nostalgia for a moment that has not quite passed.

“Fan Favourite is an attempt at a self-wake-up call so I wanted the production to sparkle, breathe and feel alive, the instrumentation a reminder that life is indeed still there to be lived,” says Bess. With the artful touch of Aaron Dessner, this song is nothing short of whimsical. This enchanting aesthetic is emulated throughout Bess’ upcoming album, ‘Light Sleeper.’ The album will be released on May 24th, followed by a series of live performances. Bess will be opening for The National in June and early July, and in October she will headline her newly announced UK tour. With big things ahead, I encourage you to give Bess Atwell a listen!

Written By: Julia Brennan

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