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"Falling Awake" - Korder | Review

Korder's latest single, "Falling Awake," emerges as an alt-pop-rock masterpiece, casting a dreamlike spell that transports listeners on a cinematic journey through winding highways and open skies. It's a sonic experience that feels like the perfect soundtrack to a scene in a film, where the wind rushes through your hair as you drive with the top down, lost in the vast expanse of the world around you.

Featured on BBC Introducing, "Falling Awake" has garnered attention for its super dreamy and atmospheric vibe, building up to a spacey slide guitar solo that sends shivers down the spine. The track was meticulously crafted, with Tom Rea from junodream handling the mixing duties and mastering taking place at AIR Studios. It marks a significant milestone for Korder, serving as their debut single and a bold introduction to their captivating sound.

As Korder, Sam Cordingley and Roxane Kamaroudis seamlessly blend elements of alternative rock, shoegaze, and electronic pop to create a sound that is both ethereal and introspective. Drawing from their diverse backgrounds and experiences growing up in multiple parts of the world, Sam and Roxane met while singing together at university, discovering a shared passion for music that would ultimately shape their artistic journey.

"What is this place outside of space? What is this state I am in?" sings Korder in "Falling Awake," capturing the essence of their introspective lyricism and existential ponderings. It's a question that resonates deeply with the listener, inviting them to contemplate the nature of existence and the mysteries of the universe.

As I listen to "Falling Awake," I am struck by the sheer depth and complexity of Korder's sound, each layer of instrumentation adding another dimension to the sonic tapestry. It's a song that rewards repeat listens, revealing new nuances and intricacies with each playthrough.

In a world filled with chaos and uncertainty, Korder's music serves as a beacon of solace and introspection, inviting listeners to get lost in the beauty of their dreamy melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. With "Falling Awake," they have proven themselves to be true visionaries, poised to make a lasting impact on the alternative music scene and beyond.

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