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"Fall A Little More In Love" - The Riptide Movement | Review

Love is one of those things that sneaks up on either know it is happening in little ways or its like a riptide you didn't see coming and it knocks you right off your feet. The Riptide Movement captures this feeling in their new single "Fall A Little More In Love".

This song was inspired by two lovers recalling meeting at a party and getting together for the first time in the back seat of a ‘Ford Fiesta’ it was recorded in Attica Studios, Ireland and Co- Produced with Tommy McLaughlin. (The Villagers, SOAK). Not everyone is going to fall in love in the back seat of a Ford, but the feel good feeling of falling someone is 100% there in this track. Everything about this track screams anthemic soft indie pop love song. Yes, you may be thinking, "that is a lot of adjectives". You would be right...but when you are in love no amount of adjectives will ever be enough to describe that person, same goes for how I feel about feel good tracks like this.

From the band:

We are a Gold selling, Choice nominated, Number 1 band from Dublin, Ireland. You might know some of our tunes “All Works Out", “You & I” “Elephant in the Room” “Changeling” and “Something Special” we also released an environmentally conscious web series called “Plastic Oceans’ in 2018.

We are Malachy Tuohy, John Dalton, Gerry McGarry and Gar Byrne, four lads from Lucan, a small village on the river Liffey in Dublin - we started a band called the Riptide Movement back in 2006 and released four studio albums and two EP’s, one of them album’s “Getting Through” went number 1 in Ireland, was a ’Choice nominated’ Gold seller and has brought us around the world, playing with some of our favourite artists and bands at some of our favourite festivals and venues, from main stage at Electric Picnic to Glastonbury and Bennicassim, from busking on our native Grafton street to playing with the BBC orchestra, Neil Young and the Rolling Stones, our music has taken us from Lucan to India, America, Russia, Australia and everywhere in between, it’s been a buzz!!!

Review by Hannah Schneider

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