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"Fake Friends" - Jordan Fox | Review

With a dramatic flair and a catchy beat, Jordan Fox is unstoppable in his new single, “Fake Friends.”

There’s a stop and start motion with the music that’s utilized in the chorus to pull the listener in, giving them a story rather than just a song. His storytelling ability is evident in his clever songwriting – what I would argue is the strongest part of this song and his style. In the second verse in particular, he comes off strong emotionally, singing, “I keep all my feelings bottled up/Pour it up/Make it something strong enough.” It’s this sort of play with a metaphor that keeps this song so entertaining as it marks his significant way of seeing the world. He relates to his audience by discussing the difficulty of coming to terms with a toxic friendship, an experience that many may not even know they’re in. However, he gives this horrible situation a pop twist that may bring comfort to listeners in a similar spot.

A talented vocalist, producer, songwriter, and recording engineer, Fox has experienced with all different areas of music creation, distinguishing his sound from others. Along with making his own music, he’s a photographer and a graphic designer. This LA artist follows his two previous singles, “Walk On Water” and “Enough,” with “Fake Friends,” which is sure to attract a larger audience.

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