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"Fake Fine" - Robert Grace |Review

Singer/songwriter Robert Grace is one of Ireland’s best new pop musicians- he’s performed at some of Ireland’s most noteworthy festivals, as well as co-written alongside internationally acclaimed songwriters like Dan McDougall, Blair MacKichen, and Josh Wilkinson for artists that have become household names. Over the years, the songs he co-wrote have accumulated over 2 million streams globally on Spotify. He’s recently released a string of solo songs, racking up over 750,000 streams. Today, Grace releases “Fake Fine”, a high-energy and honest testament to living in these universally stressful times.

“Fake Fine” is nestled comfortably between the musical stylings of Shawn Mendes and Troye Sivan- it’s a catchy pop song that’s largely agreeable and ready for mass radio airplay. The true superstar of this song is the lyrics, including “got your head above water but you still can’t even breathe / it’s a pandemic, it’s a f---ing disease / and it’s following me”. What’s really striking about these lyrics, which is true for the rest of the song, is that it feels like I’m talking to a friend. They have a natural cadence that’s casual and conversational, yet compelling. I’m invested in what Grace has to say and how he feels.

“The song is about pretending to be okay when you’re really not… when everything is all an act. You might not even be in a bad situation but still, for some reason, something’s not right and you’re trying to figure out what that something is,” says Robert.

But make no mistake- If you’re looking for a “lay on your bedroom floor and cry all night”/”in your feelings” type of song, I urge you to look elsewhere. “Fake Fine” is upbeat and fun. The arrangement of the song is simple with the plucky acoustic guitar, rhythmic keys, and bouncy bass, but it’s an infectious melody and beat you can move to, and most of all, it’s a song you can sing your heart out to. It truly feels like a vent session with a friend, but one where you end up laughing about everything that’s gone wrong.

Written by Jess Ward

Edited by Hannah Schneider

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