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"Every Room” - Olivia Grasso | Review

Everyone talks about the song that makes them feel like the main character in a movie when you are the heroine and are at the top of the world or building yourself back up. “Every Room” by Olivia Grasso is definitely that song for picking yourself up and moving on and not needing to go back to someone or something that hurt you.

This is the sonic blend of Taylor Swift-esc vocals, Katy Perry style lyrics, and a beat that speaks to your core like that of “Green Light” by Lorde. Olivia has this contagious optimism in her voice and with a strong bass beat and twinkly piano and synths, this track is an anthem. Grasso is really blowing the lid off of the music scene, blending a Nashville style pre-chorus that creates such awesome anticipation and just an epic chorus drop. From the magnetic sound to the exploding colors in the album art which playoff Grasso’s mind and how she views the world through blasts of sound and color; this music holds your attention. Her powerful, hypnotic, pulsating pop music sound paired with her candid lyrics make for an electric icon.

Crafted from the energy she exudes in her live shows, Olivia is beaming with stage authority as she brings to life her music starting with her debut single “Every Room.”

Born and raised in the heart of Nashville, Olivia is eluding the music genres of the south and creating a genre that is bleeding with creative rhythm while never compromising her song writing skills. With her debut single that she both co-wrote and co produced, Olivia Grasso is breaking the glass ceiling with a sound that is intentional and mesmerizing from such a young artist.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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