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EMM- “Delilah” | Review

A song always catches my attention when the intro makes me feel like I'm levitating into another musical realm.

Delilah by EMM is a phenomenal club and dance-pop song with a voice that reminds me of Ava Max and incredible production. She goes through several octaves between choruses that borderline the contralto range, especially in the buildups before the beat drop, her voice is angelic. The power behind her sultry voice can make you feel sexy while listening to Delilah. The inspiration behind this song is from a movie scene where a woman has to take care of her ex-husband as he’s paralyzed, and wants to decide if she wants to take revenge for everything he has done to her. Delilah is a song that will surely make you feel empowered as you dance the night away.

Emma Norris from Michigan that goes by stage name EMM, has accumulated over 100 million streams. With major success already in the books, EMM isn’t stopping now. Her style, songs, and agenda are all unique to the pop industry, making her one of a kind. With over 100 thousand followers across all social media, this artist has just begun building her fanbase. Her music dates back to 2016 when she released a full-length album called “Burning in the Dark.” She was one of the first women to create, write, produce, mix, and perform a full-length album in its entirety from start to finish.

Written by, Lia Tsvetanova

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