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'Eden' - Maisie May | Review

Maisie May’s ‘Eden’ wrestles with the feeling of satisfaction- “I don't want / what I wanted.”

Through soul-bearing lyrics and ominous sounds, ‘Eden’ takes us on a journey through a complex compilation of sounds. This song places its audience in what I can only describe as a liminal space- one where you begin to question if you truly know what you want, and what that may be. The mystical sound ‘Eden’ harnesses is incredibly successful in portraying the reality of life and all its complications. It is rare to find a lived experience that is straightforward, and this track brings attention to the honesty and confusion rooted in the act of simply being alive. Maisie May has graciously let us inside her mind and guided us through the inner workings of her anxieties. If you are someone who is struggling to identify what it is in your life that you truly want, the relatability of ‘Eden’ will help you unload that burden.

Maisie May is currently preparing to release her next EP, ‘CHARM.’ Produced by Kaleb Fulmer and Mixed by Aaron Sayre, this 6 track compilation is intended to elevate Maisie’s firmly established sound. When she is not creating music, May works at the iconic Chateau Marmont in LA. Surrounded by fame in one of Hollywood's most enticing locations, ‘Eden’ was created in an attempt to portray how easy it is to buy into the materialistic views of society. By comparing her experience with those views to the Garden of Eden, hence the title, it is evident to see that she succeeded in this portrayal. Maisie May’s storytelling ability mixed with her alluring sound makes her a stand-out artist, and one who deserves to have her stories heard. I encourage you to listen to what she has to say.

Written By: Julia Brennan

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