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‘Easy’ - Strangers | Review

The infectious beat combined with the singer’s smooth vocals and wide range create a lighthearted, yet emotional song about the complications of attraction, specifically when someone is into you and you’re just not feeling it.

Even though this is supergroup Strangers’ second single, they have the polished sound of an established pop group. Easy has a certain chill, yet engaging vibe that many electronic pop groups struggle to balance, but Strangers do it perfectly. This song is definitely perfect for any beach playlist or fun drive with friends.

After meeting at an open mic in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Gino Lee and Lexi Riese decided to combine their talents to create music under the name Strangers. While they both have careers as musicians on their own, they found they created great music together and released their first single, “i like,” which has received attention from blogs all over the world.

Written by Tatum Jenkins

Edited by Hannah Schneider

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