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"Easy" - props | Review

Blending pop musicality with a bit of a gritty alternative edge, "Easy" by U.K. artist props is a fun summer track to blast at top volume.

"Easy" fuses the fast-paced noughties indie sounds of Bloc Party and The Strokes with lofi bedroom pop simplicity in a punky, percussive jam with relentless hooks and psychedelic/techno moments. The track is completely different sonically that anything you have heard before. Fun and danceable, "Easy" fuses a variety of sounds and tempos to create a fun indietronica style track.

The song addresses the worldwide economic rat-race through the metaphor of a battered relationship.

On ‘Easy’, props a.k.a. Mark says “This is another musical complaint letter to ‘The Man’. Just this time with more angry cowbell than my other tracks.”

props is the brainchild of mark gilyead, a multi-instrumentalist/producer from south London UK. often cynical, political and socially-conscious lyrics are juxtaposed against undeniably joyful indie-pop music - aiming to bring a bit of positivity to these weird times we live in.

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