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“Dye” - Kettle Whistle | Review

An interesting mix of indie and electronic music, 'Dye' transcends genres as we know them.

This song is dynamic and fresh. I have never heard another artist like Kettle Whistle. The inspiring lyrics drive the message of stick to your guns and commit to the way you want to achieve something.

When we asked Kettle Whistle about this song they said:

“The track grew from an idea to write a feel-good song about overcoming difficulties with the more upbeat and cheerful vibe. My music tends to be dark and bleak and with this song, I was trying to go somewhere new. I wrote the main riff with my MicroKorg and started building the instrumental around it. Most of the synth sounds were done with the MicroKorg with some additional sounds coming from highly processed noises I usually get from my guitar feedback or cable static. For the drums, I started with some sampled 808 kicks and then layered them with tons of different one-shots from all over the place. I used to have a lot of sample packs but then I just dumped all the one-shots into the same folder so now I don’t really know where some of the drums parts come from. Some of the lads came from Omnisphere which was one of my first VST synths and it still is my go-to for pretty much anything. I absolutely love the weird instruments they sample. The instrumental came together pretty quickly which is quite unusual for me as I tend to work super slowly. The song initially had some placeholder lyrics that I improvised on the spot and I liked the rhythm of it so much I had to match the placeholder stuff exactly or otherwise it would sound the same. The lyrics were meant to remind me that no matter what I can always prevail if I work hard and stay true to myself. The message may sound cheesy but I think we all need a reminder sometimes that everything will be fine. This one is one of my favorite songs in terms of production and lyrics and everything. It’s also one of the few songs when I ended up where I wanted to from the start. Oh and the cover is a photo of my pillow that I processed with some apps on my iPhone😊”

Conducted by Hannah Schneider

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