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“Drown” - Lorenzo Wood | Review & Premiere

“Drown'' by Lorenzo Wood is a singer-songwriter emotional whirlwind, that has all young heartbreakers belting out the lyrics on their late-night freeway drives.

This song gave me the most relieving cry session. Somehow he managed to convey all the conflicting thoughts and feelings I had during my first relationship and I finally feel so understood.

The song begins with a sweet guitar solo - the calm before the storm. Throughout the song, the artist's voice is effortlessly beautiful. Emotional lyrics follow the internal conflict between the protagonist and their thoughts. Should they end the relationship now that the spark is gone and hurt the other person? Or must they endure unhappiness for the sake of the other person? He doesn’t give us an answer, but he does depict the situation with powerful metaphors of cages, flight, and succumbing to the pool of your darkest thoughts.

Lorenzo Wood is a young singer-songwriter based out of San Francisco, California. “Young” might be an understatement since he released his first EP, “Now in Control” in 2018 at just 15 years old. His music is rooted in the pop genre, but he cites artists from Julia Michaels to Post Malone as inspirations as well. Wood’s songs convey coming of age stories in this modern era of overwhelming social media coverage. Recently he has been recording covers such as “Falling” by Harry Styles to raise funds for COVID-19 relief organizations. Let’s send some of that love back to Lorenzo Wood by checking out his emotionally touching single “Drown.”

Written by Annika Johnson, Edited by Hannah Schneider

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