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Dragonette's "Twennies" Tour at the Roxy | Concert Review + Gallery

Dragonette’s “Twennies” tour stopped in LA after successful stops in DC, London, and Vancouver, just to name a few. Dragonette returns to the stage for the first time since 2017. Fans all around the world have been itching for the moment to see her, and with an 8 city tour, I’m sure she still has so many fans waiting to be a part of the Dragonette experience. The Roxy Theatre quickly filled up as Ty Sunderland opened up for Dragonette. His remix for her song “T-shirt” has just dropped and as that song crept into his set, the crowd was already ready for her to take the stage.

The lights dimmed as the curtain rose. As the electronic bass line for “Easy” started, the crowd cheered as she walked out and grabbed the mic. The energy during even just the first few minutes of the song were electric as everyone's hands arose to their excitement. Running through her first 6 songs, it felt like she was already in the groove of the night and as she played her Twennies hit “T-shirt” you could tell the stage was meant for her, even after a few years away. She explained that her travel from the last show in Portland was one that she hoped she would forget soon because they weren’t sure if their equipment would even arrive at all. The anxiety and stress all went away as she kept the show rolling with hits from 2009’s “Fixin’ to Thrill and also her 2007 debut album “Galore.” It didn’t matter what she played though, the crowd was eating it up with ease. As the intro for “Hello” began, the crowd went into a state of euphoria as the night was winding down.. The hit that has amassed over 90 million streams on Spotify has been erupting crowds since 2010 with no signs of slowing down.

She ended the night with “Live in this City, “ an upbeat and infectiously catchy hook driven hit. The crowd sang back every word of every chorus. Of course, this was not the end as most thought. She left the stage, but emerged for a two song encore including an acoustic version of “Stormy.”

As the energy-charged crowd exited, still high from the show, they had no idea that Dragonette was going to take the stage one more time, but now just 10 minutes away at Heart WeHo. Ty Sunderland and Dragonette were celebrating the release of the “T-shirt” remix by Ty. At Heart, The crowd began to fill up just as the Roxy did, however this time the crowd not knowing that she was set to take the stage. The crowd nearly went bananas as Ty introduced Dragonette and she immediately started to sing the hit “Hello” once again. The crowd ate it all up as they handed her phones to have her record this epic Thursday night memory. She took as many as she could as all of them posed for the videos and pictures. After her performance, a club-wide dance party began as Ty’s “T-shirt” remix was blasting to everyone's enjoyment.

It’s evident that Dragonette has simply not missed it beat since 2017. Obviously, with the October release of her 5th album, it doesn't seem like she’s going anywhere, and based on the energy of this amazing night, her fans would definitely not let her go too long without gracing the stage once again.

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