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"Don’t Say No" - Maddisun |Review

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Don’t Say No, the most recent single from Canadian indie-rock artist Maddisun, is a dreamlike breath of fresh air that doubles as a universal mantra for today’s youth. Humming with the gentle energy of the singer/songwriter’s ambient presence, Maddisun’ s latest single has an irresistible electricity– a force that moves you to dance. The song’s infectious anthemic quality, inspires listeners to take a chance on themselves, manifesting the greatness to come.

In developing the personal themes behind Don’t Say No, Maddisun, aka Maddison Keiver, delved inward to unearth the driving forces behind how she chooses to live her life. “Have you ever felt like you put yourself out into the universe and it rejects you? This was the inspiration for writing Don’t Say No. I was putting myself out there in a million different ways, I felt pretty drained and jaded. So I decided to take a step back, and try to find my confidence again– the moral of the story is, people will say no to you, the universe will say no… but you have to say yes to yourself and take a chance.”

Opening with light atmospheric synths, the song has an instant resounding quality. Paired with a driving guitar and kicking drum part, the combined instrumentals build to a heightened climax throughout the song, coinciding with the chorus chant, ‘don’t say no.’ Maddisun’s layered vocals are truly the essence of dream-pop– an otherworldly tone that is pure, and beautifully melodious.

The airy surrealism of her inflection meshes sublimely with the lush production to create a feel good vibe specifically intended for those late night drives with friends. Don’t Say No is a perfectly balanced fusion of common indie, rock, and pop elements, with Maddisun’s own ethereal personal touch.

Ahead of the summer release of her first album Home is Where The Music Is, (co-produced by Nick Noto & Chloe Chaidez of PSY SOUND) Maddisun’s latest track reveals the singer’s promising starpower. Her familiarity with uncomfortable realities, in addition to her genre-fusing musicality and rare genuine talent, encompasses an entirely new generation of indie that relies on pure atmosphere, instead of hiding behind complex production.

Ayesha Fernandez

By Cassidy Copenheaver

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