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“Don’t Let Me Go” - Mathew V | Review

Canadian rising star Mathew V is back with an energetic electro-pop bop that is bound to get you dancing, this new single is “Don’t Let Me Go”.

Mathew just released a new single, "Don't Let Me Go," which is an unabashed pop track written with Juno nominated Ryan Worsley. Mathew pushed himself musically and visually to allow himself to be as bold as he wanted to be without second-guessing.

When asked about how this single came to be V said:

“Don’t Let Me Go started when I called my friend and producer Ryan Worsley. I had just listened to a demo from a few years back, and I really wanted it on the album. That track is now on the album that’s coming out this summer. But when we decided to bring that track back to life, I also had a new idea cooking up. We also went back into the studio and made Don’t Let Me Go. With Ryan, I always feel comfortable to go as poppy as I could ever dream of. He really lifts my ideas to new heights.”

This song is stunning. It’s pop but done better and I say that as someone who likes pop but gets bored with the same old thing. I love the integration of more grungey instrumentation, the click beat is so fun, overall this just feels like an elevated fun track. Don’t get me started on Mathew’s vocals, anyone who knows me in real life knows that V has my heart with insane vocal power. So other than saying that he is incredible, the bridge was the biggest surprise to me with the synthesized effect on the vocals, but I love the little change of pace. Yet another summertime anthem from Mathew that I will be blasting in my room, in the car, out the window, in the back yard, literally everywhere.

After 10 years of classical operatic vocal training, Mathew V moved to London, England at the age of 17 to teach himself how to write pop music. Now only 22, Mathew has accomplished a lot since returning home to Vancouver. Mathew penned a deal with 604 records and his debut single “Tell Me Smooth” went top 40 on Canadian Radio (Hot AC/AC) for 18 weeks, peaking at #18. Mathew has written with the likes of Dan Mangan, DiRTY RADiO and on stage, he’s opened up for the likes of Betty Who, Hanson, Daya, MAGIC! and more.

His debut album “The Fifth” came out in the spring of 2018 and charted in both Canada and the US. The album earned critical acclaim from press outlets such as Nylon and Billboard, marking Mathew as an artist to watch.

With strong roots in the LGBTQ+ community, Mathew has never shied away from expressing himself in his music, taking the cover of Spotify’s Global Pride playlist during Pride 2018. Now with a catalog approaching 15 million online streams, Mathew is making new music, pushing his boundaries, and preparing for what’s to come.

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Review by Hannah Schneider

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